Baby I Hair

The baby brush is a kind of brush. It is made from the hair cut by the newborn baby for the first time. It is the only one that can be remembered after the baby is born. It is the most natural and pure hair of a person once in a lifetime. ,Precious. Because of its special significance, many parents will make pens for their newborn children to commemorate, to pray for blessing, to avoid evil, to set their feelings and to entrust their parents’ love and care, to bless their children to grow up safely and to be smart.

The history of the fetal brush has a long history. It is said that since the Tang Dynasty, there has been a tradition of making a fetal brush. The poet of the Tang Dynasty has a “children who send a baby to send a pen to the benevolent poem”. The poems of “disarming and shackling” are very good proofs; Bai Juyi’s “Ai Cui” poems also have the expression “sweet shaving new baby hair, wonderful fetal brush”, which shows that it has a long history.

In the folk, the fetal brush has another name, called “Zhuangyuan Pen”. It is said that there was a very poor family in ancient times. When the child grew up, he went to Beijing to take the exam but didn’t have the money to buy a pen. The father used the baby’s birth hair. The brush made him go to Beijing to take the exam. I didn’t expect the child to win the champion with this pen. After that, the baby brush won one more. This story is only a legend, but it contains the hope of parents to hope that their children will grow up healthily and smartly.




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