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Delight’s Full Moon Specialty Shop is located at Bukit Tinggi, Klang. (GPS – N 03° 0’ 38″ and E 101° 26′ 19″). At Delight’s we specialize in full moon celebration packages, which includes special gourmet recipes from Grandma’s kitchen.

Our baby full moon celebration package offers a variety of tantalizing delights to suite your every taste buds, from our delicious Angkoo kuih with 3 favours’ – Green Bean, Peanut and Coconut to mouth watering kunyit rice. There are a variety of choices and customized full moon packages to choose from.

Our baby full moon packages are all freshly prepared and best served on the same day. We cater for walk-ins, phone-ins and online bookings and offer delivery service throughout Klang Valley so you can be assured that your food comes to you fresh and ready to eat.

Full Moon or ‘Mun Yuet’ Celebration

We have heard of the word ‘Full Moon’ celebration but why is it so special and important especially for Chinese families? Full moon celebration has been a tradition in all Chinese families for many decades. This is the Chinese custom or tradition of celebrating the birth of a new born baby. ”Full Moon” or full month celebration is celebrated when the baby reaches one month old (the Chinese term for full moon is ‘Mun Yuet’). Mun Yuet party celebrates the first month of the baby’s life. The origins of this custom come from ancient Chinese culture. When infant mortality was high, these parties were held to celebrate that the baby had survived the first month of their life, which meant that they were more likely to survive into adulthood.

In Malaysia, it is quite often that you hear people celebrating their baby’s Full Moon birthday. This coincides with the end of the new mum’s confinement period, and the main purpose is to introduce both mother and baby to the extended family (aunts, uncles and cousins) and friends for the first time.

Before the unveiling party, the baby traditionally undergoes a host of rituals which includes the custom of shaving off the baby’s hair. Some parents prefer to shave the whole head while other would just take a small snip of the hair as a symbolic gesture. After the first hair cut, both the mother and the baby must bathe in water mixed with pomelo leaves, to ward off evil. The hair is then wrapped in a red cloth and sewn to the baby’s pillow. This practice is said to ensure that the baby would be brave or not easily scared. The more traditional Chinese families would shave the baby’s entire head and use the hair from this first hair cut to make a special calligraphy brush, engraved with wishes of wisdom, health and happiness.

Once the ritual is over, a party is held to celebrate the health of the baby. During the Mun Yuet celebration, there will be lots of different types of food and drinks prepared for the guests. Traditional treats such as ang ku kueh and red eggs are featured for all the guests to savor. The red eggs symbolize a new passage in life whereas the red color symbolizes celebrating and good luck and the egg’s oval shape represents harmony and unity. It is believed that if you have a boy, you give out an odd number of eggs, and if you have a girl, you give out an even number of eggs. The red eggs are served with pickled ginger. The ginger is served for the same reasons that mothers eat it following the birth, as a yang food to balance the qi in the body.

According to Hokkien tradition, if a couple has a baby boy, the angku kueh will be pain round. This is known as Ang Yee and it will be given out to all the guests, but if it is a baby girl, the couple will give out the Ang Tow, where the mould of the angku kueh is shaped into a peach with more intricate and delicate design. These sticky-rice cakes are filled with sweet mung bean paste and stem from Nyonya cuisine, a fusion of Chinese and native Malaysia cultures.

During the full moon celebration, relatives and friends gather to give their blessings and gifts to the new born baby. They will give money in ang pows (red packets) and jewellery to the baby as a symbol of good luck to the baby. In today’s society, parents and the newborn receive modern gifts too, such as clothing, books, toys, gift vouchers, baby products and other suitable gifts.

The birthday celebration is carried out not only to celebrate the arrival of the new baby but it also serves to bring the family members closer together and strengthen the ties between them.

Delight Full Moon celebrates this joyous occasion with you family and loved ones with a range of full moon gift packages from nasi kunyit or glutinous rice, roast chicken, cakes, fruit tart, ang ku kueh, red eggs with ginger and many more. At Delight Full Moon you can custom order your ideal package to suit your needs Let us help make your baby’s full moon celebration a ‘delightful’ event.

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